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IHML Chennai Chapter

IHML launched Chennai Chapter
CHENNAI.MAR.4: The Indian Homoeopathic Medical League (IHML) launched Chennai Chapter at LLA Building,Anna Salai, Chennai. Dr.Monolisa John welcomed the gathering. Dr.S.Mohamed Aleem inaugurated the event by lighting the kuthuvizhaku, he garlanded Dr.Hahneman’s portrait Dr.R.Gnanasambandam released the logo of IHML and Dr.A.Victor Dass, President, Dr.R.Vijay Anand received. Dr.Sherin Charles gave the description of the logo.Dr.A.S.Manikavel inaugurated the website www.ihml.org and Dr.K.Savitha gave description. Dr.P.V.Venkatraman,Dr.K.Anbukumaresan paid their floral tributes to Hahnemann’s bust .
The governing body members installed the office bearers of IHML Chennai Chapter. Dr.Monolisa John sworned as President, Dr.P.T.Sundar as secretary and Dr.Harihara Sudan as treasurer. The executives are Dr.M.V.Noushad,Dr.Jayapriya,Dr.A.Balanagarani,Dr.Maharaja Sivasubramanium,Dr.R.Saravanan and Dr.Veerapathiran.Dr.S.Sasikumar was nominated as Media coordinator and Dr.K.Savitha as web coordinator. Dr.P.T.Sundar proposed vote of thanks.


Venue...L.L.A Building
Dr.Vineetha Anand ... Master of Ceremony
Dr.Monalisa John ...Welcome Address

Inauguration .... Dr.A.S.Manikavel Lightning kuthuvizhakku


Dignitaries ... on the dias


Dr.S.Mohamed Aleem... Garlanding Dr.Samuel Hahnemann's bust


IHML Logo Release...Dr.R.Gnanasamabandam handovers to Dr.Victor Dass and Dr.R.Vijay Anand


Dr.Sherin Charles...anchoring


Inauguration of IHML website.... Dr.A.S.Manikavel


Dr.S.Mohamed Aleem nominates Dr.P.T.Sundar...Secretary, IHML Chennai Chapter


Dr.A.S.Manikavel nominates Dr.Monalisa John...President , IHML Chennai Chapter




Dr. P.V.Venkatraman installs Dr.U.Harihara Sudan...as Treasurer , IHML Chennai Chapter

Dr.K.Anbu Kumaresan nominates Dr.M.V.Noushad...Executive Member, IHML Chennai Chapter  

Dr.R.Gnanasambandam nominates Dr.N.Maharaja SivaSubramanian...Executive Member,IHML,Chennai


Dr.S.Mohamed Aleem nominates Dr.S.Jaya Priya ...Executive Member, IHML Chennai Chapter


Dr.P.Victor Dass nominates Dr.A.Balanagarani...Executive Member, IHML Chennai Chapter


Dr.R.Vijay Anand nominates Dr.R.Saravanan...Executive Member, IHML Chennai Chapter


Dr.A.S.Manikavel nominates Dr.Veerapathiran ...Executive Member, IHML Chennai Chapter


Dr.SasiKumar, Media Co Ordinator


Dr.K.Savitha, Web Coordinator


IHML Chennai Chapter


Dr.R.Vijay Anand, General Secretary, IHML