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IHML Installation - Chennai

Dr.P.Victor dass sworns as President of IHML

Dr.R.Vijayanand sworns as General Secretary of IHML


Dr.D.Britto Wilbert Dhas sworns as Vice President of IHML


Dr.B.Vigneswaran sworns as Joint Secretary of IHML


Dr.S. Alwin Babu sworns as Treasurer of IHML


Dr.Manikavel nominates Dr.G.Selvaraj as Executive Member of IHML


Dr.Bibin T. Varghese...Executive Member of IHML


Dr.V. A.Jawahar....Executive Member of IHML


Dr.Nivethitha...Executive Member , IHML


Dr.K.A. Prathibha ...Executive Member, IHML


Dr.Sandhya Kalidas ...Executive Member, IHML


IHML...Head Quarters